Meet The Team.




Belinda Grashion
Property Entrepreneur & Founder

Founder and creator of “Live a Bigger Life” a community of individuals helping and supporting each other to financial freedom. she wants Financial Freedom for you and your loved ones so you can experience all the things you want to. (Want to read about her story? CLICK HERE)

Belinda’s drive was to leave a Legacy for her two daughters to be strong, independent and financially free.

Belinda is passionate about helping you, and with her 20 year extensive knowledge in the industry all of this is shared in the “Invest Like a Pro Program” She is very caring with a no excuse personality, so will be looking for you to take action.

Belinda is still very active doing multi million pounds deals today, yet still remembers her first buy to let.


Louise Grashion
Property Mentor

Louise Grashion (daughter of Belinda) brings over 18 years experience of buying/selling/refurbishing over 400 properties for the family business, overseeing new build
houses and commercial to residential large developments.
Louise opened her own Lettings company over 10 years ago and now has a virtual hands free business looking after over 300 rentals. Currently Louise Project Managers – which she loves – Belinda’s multi-million pound projects, making sure they are delivered on budget and on time. No small feat. Sizes vary from 45 to 500 in one building, all this knowledge and experience she brings to help write the training programs and makes sure you have everything you need to make you safe and profitable.


Clarke Robinson
Property Mentor and Deal Analyst

Clarke Robinson works with fantastic clients at Live a Bigger Life to help you achieve Financial Freedom, through knowing their numbers. Clarke has worked daily in the property industry crunching numbers for multi-million pound deals anything from 60 to 500 apartment schemes for Belinda Grashion’s International Property Company. So as you can see Clarke knows his numbers and will support you while being safe and profitable whilst you gain the confidence to make a start on your own property journey, starting with your first deal… Clarke is also active doing his own property deals and mainly concentrating on the Buy to Sell strategy.  

Simon Robinson
Property Mentor

Simon has 17 years of experience working with emotional intelligence and mindset in many industries so brings all of that to Live a Bigger Life community, supporting you on your property journey and keeping you moving forward and taking action. He has been involved in the property industry for over 10 years and is still very active on his own property deals and brings his sense of humour and patience to the community to make life a little easier whilst supporting you to get to Financial Freedom.. Hope you love his face as you get to see him on live calls supporting you to get your questions answered.


Bindar has created financial freedom for herself and leaves a legacy for her daughter to follow. Starting with nothing and learning as she went along Bindar has created a multi-million property portfolio. Having gone through hardships and struggles she is able to Mentor clients to keep taking action and getting results. Her passion is limitless and her desire to support is unique. She has teamed up with Live a Bigger Life to bring her over 10 years of experience, knowledge and super gently yet firm nature to help and support all our 1-1 Elite clients who want to go fast-paced and learn really quickly. She is committed to staying by your side till you get the keys of your first property in a super quick efficient time.

Chandrika Grashion
Property investor & Accounts

Chandrika Grashion is the youngest of Belinda”s two daughters and has been in the property industry 12 years. Having started with Belinda with buying and selling property for their own company, managing builders, accountants, valuers and trade’s people right through the process of buying and refurbishing properties.

For the last 7 years she had managed her sister’s Lettings Agency of 350 properties, so is knowledgeable in all things to do with lettings and tenants.

Recently Chandrika joined Belinda again and now looks after all the accounts as well as being an armchair investor, loaning money for a return into well-qualified deals.  

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Our Mission

We help women by providing the knowledge and blueprint to make a six figure income through property in 16 weeks. To be able to attain financial freedom, time and experiences.

We work with people who are accountable, willing to take action and want change.